5 Easy Options for Cleaning splatterguard™ Drip Mats

5 Easy Options for Cleaning splatterguard™ Drip Mats

With splatterguard™ Drip Mats, you get a garage spill mat that helps prevent staining and discoloration of floors and surfaces and protects you from costly repairs. splatterguard is your best defense from splatter stains, slow leaks and small spills (not intended for large spills) and keeps the surrounding area clean and looking great. It’s absorbent fiber top and vinyl backing absorbs liquids before they can do damage to garage floors, countertops and other surfaces. Use splatterguard to contain:

  • Oil leaks
  • Minor gas spills
  • Anti-freeze drips
  • Transmission fluid
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Snow, rain and other debris at a door before it enters indoor space

But what also sets splatterguard™ apart from other drip and splatter mats on the market is its attractive styling and its ease of care. 

How do I clean splatterguard?

1. Lightweight splatterguard splatter mats simply shake out in a trash can, outdoors, etc.

2. Run a vacuum over splatterguard garage mats as part of your routine cleaning.

3. Just sweep off with any household broom.

4. Spot clean splatterguard oil drip mats with a damp sponge, water and/or mild detergent.

And last but not least:

5. Splatterguard Drip Mats are so affordable that you don’t have to feel guilty if you don’t feel like cleaning them. Replace your soiled splatterguard Drip Mat with a brand new, clean one in an entirely new, decorative design. 


Although extremely durable and reusable, because splatterguard™ is so reasonably-priced and packaged in many budget-friendly options, you can skip the cleaning and replace as often as you like. Available in 10 distinctive patterns and 3 practical sizes, the splatterguard Garage and Nature series designs are so attractive you won’t hesitate to show them off on top of workstations, tool benches or anywhere else you want to keep items from rolling off and keep the area neat and clean. Instead of hiding these lovely absorbent mats underneath vehicles and in the garage, think of the many uses indoors for such an eye-catching absorbent small spill mat

 So… don’t settle for other, more expensive drip mats that won’t give you the same protection, style and ease of care as the multi-purpose splatterguard Drip Mat!!!

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