5 Unique Ways to Use splatterguard™ Inside

5 Unique Ways to Use splatterguard™ Inside

Decorative splatterguard™ Nature Series mats are designed to complement home and office décors, and because they are so versatile, customers have found some interesting ways to use them inside for more than just drips. Sure… these absorbent mats for slow leaks, small spills and splatter stains contain messes under plants, sinks, pet bowls, and in art studios, kitchens, bathrooms and more. But did you know these durable, affordable mats serve other roles, too? 

1. Desk cover. One customer told us it kept her arms comfortable and warm when working at the computer, especially on marble and glass tops.

2. Tabletop protector. Great as a table runner for wood dining room and breakfast room tables. Even use smaller mats as placemats. For rec room and living room tables, think about protection while playing board games, cards, Mah Jong (tiles slide nicely), dominoes, etc.

3. Floor mat. Under trash cans and at door entrances to contain debris, dirt and mud and for storing dirty shoes. 

4. Shelf, drawer and cabinet liner. Non-adhesive and easy to cut to any size, splatterguard™ won’t tear or fray and adds a nice looking finish.

5. Grip mat. With its fibrous top layer, splatterguard™ stops tools, screws, sewing supplies, utensils and the like from rolling off and onto the floor. 

Check out any of our Garage Series patterns for a rugged, industrial, outdoor look or bring in our Nature Series designs – Barn Wood, Grass, Leaves, River Rock and Stacked Stone – for a more sophisticated indoor style.

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