Avoid Cat-astrophe and Keep Rover out of the Doghouse with splatterguard™

Avoid Cat-astrophe and Keep Rover out of the Doghouse with splatterguard™

These well-designed mats are a pet owner’s best friend when it comes to comfort and containing pet messes. splatterguard™ is constructed of an absorbent, cloth-like top layer for resting on and a vinyl bottom layer that prevents liquids from staining, discoloring and damaging floors. splatterguard™ works doggone good for:

· Kennels as a kennel liner or kennel mat

· Underneath kitty litter boxes

· Liner in pet crates and transportation boxes

· Pet mat under food and water bowls

· Car mat when transporting to the dog park, vet and more

splatterguard™ is available in 10 interesting designs and comes in these sizes:

24” x 24” 34” x 52”

34” x 120” 

You’ll find these pet mats leading the pack not only as drip mats, leak mats and spill mats, but as pet containment mats for paw debris, droppings, urine and nail scratches. splatterguard™ is changing the way people and pets use protection mats for so many reasons:

1. Excellent Absorbency

2. Superior Durability

3. Unlimited Versatility

4. Ease of Use – splatterguard™ trims to fit any space using a scissor without tearing or fraying. Mats are lightweight, non-adhesive and repositionable. Simply wipe clean, sweep or vacuum.

5. Exceptional Affordability – splatterguard™ pet mats are so economical that many customers choose to replace with a new mat when soiled instead of cleaning.

Buy as many as you want without the guilt for kitty, Rover or for other family members and other uses within your home, garage or office!

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