How Long Will splatterguard™ Car Drip Mats last?

How Long Will splatterguard™ Car Drip Mats last?

Although splatterguard™ Drip Mats were designed to be durable and reusable, our customers give us feedback on how they use their absorbent mats for slow automotive leaks, oil drips and small liquid spills. Here’s what they are saying about our attractive, multi-purpose, inexpensive spill mats…

“I’ve been using my decorative mat from splatterguard for 9 months now at my door that connects to my attached garage and it still looks new. It’s been the best door mat I’ve ever owned for collecting garage debris before it gets inside my house. I simply spot clean it when dirty with a little soap and water.”

“I like to use these pretty little mats as a table runner in my breakfast nook. Once they get soiled I just replace with a new design and recycle the old mat to the floor to collect liquid spills and food splatters and stains under my little ones high chair.”

“With our hot Arizona summers, my car leaks a lot of fluid from the air conditioner. My other older car also has a slow oil leak that I use splatterguard underneath to protect my garage concrete. Whenever I feel like it, I simply replace them with a new splatterguard spill mat without bothering to clean them.”


“These amazing drip mats are so inexpensive that I can’t be bothered with cleaning them when soiled. I put a new splatterguard garage mat underneath my lawn mower, ATV and motorcycle every month and keep plenty of these multi-purpose mats in stock!”


How you use splatterguard Drip Mats and how long you decide to use them before replacing is totally up to you. Whatever you do, just use them to protect your surfaces and keep your workspace neat and clean!

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  • Susan Berkowitz