Top 10 Ways to Use the splatterguard™ Drip Mat in the Garage

Top 10 Ways to Use the splatterguard™ Drip Mat in the Garage

Better Life Technology® keeps making life better in the garage with its industry-advanced, American-made splatterguard™ Drip Mat. Absorbent splatterguard™ Drip Mats are manufactured with a fiber/cloth top and vinyl backing to contain and protect surfaces from splatter stains, slow leaks and small spills of all kinds. With so many uses for these attractive splatter mats, these 10 should just get your engine started.

  1. Oil Drip Matsplatterguard™ absorbs oil, grease and other automotive liquids on one side and is waterproof on the other side.
  1. Slick Surface Tool Matsplatterguard™ provides a non-slippery surface to set screws and tools on so they don’t roll around or fall off surfaces like metal, Formica, etc.
  1. Car Fender CoverPlace the soft side of splatterguard™ on the fender of your vehicle while you are working under the hood to avoid scratches from tools, hardware, zippers and belts.
  1. Cargo Mat or Cargo Liner – splatterguard™ protects your auto interior from dirt, spills, grease, wet and muddy cleats (soccer, football and any other athletic footwear), pet prints and so much more.
  1. Auto Bumper ProtectorKeep scratches and paint ships at bay when loading and unloading objects with splatterguard™.
  1. Storage Mat and Storage Protectorsplatterguard™ helps protect stored objects/vehicles/antiques from dings and scratches.
  1. Garage Spill CatcherHonestly, splatterguard™ makes a great splatter mat for underneath any kind of machinery regularly used or stored in the garage, i.e. motorcycle mat, golf cart mat, ATV mat, snow blower mat.
  1. Garage Shelf LinerUse multiple splatterguard™ Drip Mats to protect original shelving from chemicals and dents.
  1. Garage Door Mat – Collect rain and snow and other debris before it moves from outside to indoors with splatterguard™.
  1. Runner or other Foot Mat – Make standing more comfortable with splatterguard™ underfoot.

Multi-purpose splatterguard™ Drip Mats are available in 10 attractive and versatile designs. Easily cut splatterguard™ to size without fraying, tearing or loss of absorbency.

Keep your area neat and clean and guard against messy garage splatters, leaks and spills with affordable, decorative, functional splatterguard™ garage drip mats!

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