What Sets splatterguard™ Apart from Other Oil Drip Mats and Garage Spill Catchers on the Market?

What Sets splatterguard™ Apart from Other Oil Drip Mats and Garage Spill Catchers on the Market?

No more boring, plain-colored drip mats that don’t even do the job you purchased them to do! splatterguard™ Drip Mats are absorbent drip mats specially-designed to contain oil, anti-freeze, transmission and brake fluids, gasoline and other slow leaks from cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers, ATVs and other garage machinery. splatterguard™ customers are finding other inventive ways to use our revolutionary drip mats to protect the tops of workstations, tool benches, potting tables and more.

So how is this drip mat changing the way commercial and residential customers look at an everyday item they might normally take for granted?

  1. Absorbency – splatterguard™’s absorbent fiber top and vinyl backing contains liquids before they can do damage to garage floors, countertops and other surfaces.
  1. Function meets incredibly attractive styling – What also sets splatterguard™ apart from other drip and splatter mats on the market is its appealing good looks. Most drip mats come in blacks, browns and tans and are so incredibly drab that you wouldn’t want them anywhere else but in the garage! splatterguard™’s beautiful designs are changing the way customers look at the much-needed spill catcher.

splatterguard™ comes in 5 appealing Garage Series designs

  • Checkerboard
  • Bushed Metal
  • Midnight Granite Speck
  • Small Coin™
  • Digital Green Camo

And 5 beautiful Nature Series designs

  • Stacked Stone
  • River Rock
  • Barn Wood
  • Grass
  • Leaves
  1. Multiple uses outside the garage – splatterguard™ Drip Mats serve a variety of purposes and complement multiple spaces. It’s so versatile that its uses are practically limitless indoors and out. For example, use splatterguard™ as a table runner or floor runner. Because it’s so durable, when you’re finished using it on the table, reuse it as a dog bowl mat to protect floor from water splashes/messy pets/food spills. Place splatterguard™ at doors to contain water, snow, dirt and debris. You get the idea!
  1. Easy to cut and trim to size – And it won’t lose any of its absorbency from tearing or fraying around the edges.
    1. Economical packaging for every budget – With splatterguard™, you’ve got options to purchase just a couple drip mats or multiple mats and multiple motifs for exceptional value and affordability. In fact, splatterguard™ is so budget-friendly that you might just decide to replace splatterguard™ instead of cleaning!

    A product of Better Life Technology®, splatterguard™ Drip Mats are made tariff-free in the USA. Each splatterguard™ Drip Mat includes 4 corner adhesive dots so you won’t have to worry about slipping and movement, either. We challenge you to find better protection, more versatility and a more decorative spill mat than splatterguard™ Drip Mats for the garage, home or office!

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    • Susan Berkowitz